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January 8, 2014 – Ezra 8

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footHave you ever put your foot in your mouth? Not physically, of course. That’s just gross. Unless you’re a baby, then it’s adorable. Of course, babies can get away with all kinds of gross stuff and be cute; try babbling and drooling when you’re sixteen to impress a girl. Babies get all the breaks.

“Foot in your mouth” means you say something without thinking, and then come to regret it. We’ve all done this. “Hey, when are you due? Oh, you’re not pregnant? Nevermind me, I’m just going to back slowly away.” “Man, that was a pointless meeting. Who plans these things? Oh, you did? Umm…I’m sure it was very informational for some people.” Don’t worry, though. Regretting what we said isn’t a new thing. Look at Ezra.


Ezra is planning to take a bunch of people from Babylon back to Jerusalem, a nice leisurely journey of over 900 miles across bandit-infested desert (no shrieking eels, at least). As he’s discussing his plan with the King, Ezra confidently says “Don’t worry, God will take care of us. No problem.”

Then the time comes to depart, and Ezra realizes what he did. He now has to take 1500 or so people (not soldiers, mind you, just a bunch of fatties who spent their lives living in the Babylon metro area) on foot across the headquarters of Robbers-R-Us. Ezra is having second thoughts; maybe a soldier or two from the king would be nice. But now he can’t, because he was so sure God will protect them. Now what? Ezra comes up with the only solution he can: beg God for protection.

Ever put yourself in that situation? Ever put God on the line? Sometimes we look at this as a bad thing; we don’t want to put God to the test after all. But is that really why we shy away from these statements? Or are we more afraid that if God doesn’t come through, we’ll look like idiots? Is it our humility or our pride that prevents us from confidently declaring what God will do?


The Bible is full of people making bold statements about God. God will defeat you, Goliath; God will set his people free, Pharaoh; God will protect me in the lion’s den, king. Strangely enough, God always seems to back these people up.  Ezra and the fatties made it safe and sound in the end.

Maybe being a little foolish is just what God is looking for. He seems to delight in supporting people who make bold, and sometimes ridiculous, statements about Him. Are we able to do that? Or are we more comfortable hanging back and “humbly” saying, Thy Will be done? Which is more pleasing to God?

Are you willing to put your faith in God on the line?

One thought on “January 8, 2014 – Ezra 8

  1. Ya know, I’ve come across a lot of people’s testimonies where God didn’t move until the person stepped out trusting Him. Seems as though He wants us to initiate. I was reading in Acts 3 the other day and it seems Peter and John did the same thing. Great article.

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