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johnbaptistWriting a devotional on John 3 is like opening a box of Krispy Kremes and deciding which one to eat: no matter what you pick, you know it’s gonna be awesome.  There’s probably more packed into this chapter than just about any other in the Bible.  So, what to focus on today? Since Tebow has the 3:16 market covered, let’s look at 29-30.


What’s the most joyful moment of your life? Is it when you get an award? Graduation? Finding an extra Mt Dew at the back of the fridge? Hitting the snooze alarm for the 3rd time?  Or is it more to do with another’s happiness? Is it when your son hits his first home run in T-ball? When your daughter marries the man of her dreams? When your wife is honored for her work?  The most joyful times in our lives is when we are celebrating someone else reaching their potential, not our own glory.

And yet we continue to seek our own success as if that will bring us happiness.  In today’s verses, John the Baptist has some of his followers tell him that Jesus is “stealing” some of his disciples.  John almost laughs at them, saying “awesome.  that is my whole purpose, to point others to Jesus. ” John understood that his purpose was not focused on his own recognition, his number of followers, his influence; his calling was to direct others to Jesus.  He even reminds them “umm…I’ve already told you that the Messiah was coming; there He is. Go get ’em.”


Then John says the real truth: “Now my joy is complete.”   Real joy does not come from being glorified in ourselves, but in pointing others to Christ.  We are greatest when we become the least. When we fulfill exactly what  our purpose is, others will be running to Jesus, not to us. His joy was full and complete when others were directed to Christ.  John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us a full, abundant life; that life is dependent on us releasing our own desires for recognition and pointing others to Jesus.  When that’s done, our purpose in life is fulfilled and our time on earth will be abundant.

And then our joy will be complete.

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