May 18, 2011 – Numbers 27

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If there’s one thing that we’ve perfected as a race, it’s the art of pouting.  It’s amazing how kids are born with the innate ability to pout almost as soon as they enter the world.  Of course, it’s all cute and adorable when a 3 month old does it, but it wears off quickly when a teenager gets it going.  Until you get to your 20s, when you learn how to pout by just undermining those in authority rather than actually physically pouting.  That’s much healthier.


In today’s reading, God tells Moses that it’s time to prepare himself; he’s about to die right before the Israelites go into Canaan.  Most of use probably would have taken this opportunity to either a) beg God for another chance or b) grumble and say something to the effect of “fine. I don’t wanna go in that ole dirty promised land anyway.”

Moses does neither.  Instead, his attention is focused on those under his leadership.  He asks that God prepare and appoint an able successor, so that the people will be well-led after his departure.  The Lord selects Joshua, one of only two survivors of the Egyptian slavery to enter Canaan.


What a good example for us.  If we are in leadership in some capacity, and the time comes to pass the mantle to someone else, we need to be willing to set it aside without anger or self-pity, and focus on the good of those under us.  It’s so easy to feel that “God called me, so nobody else can do as good as job.”  That may be true, but God’s not always looking for the person who will be as good as you; He may be trying to train someone that is completely different and completely appropriate to a new situation.

The question becomes “Do I trust God enough that I can let this ministry go? Or do I need to make sure that I’m in charge? For the good of the people, of course.”  This is especially difficult for those that are part of a ministry that has seen growth and blessing during their time of leadership.  It’s so easy to believe that God is blessing the ministry because of us; what happens when somebody less faithful is in charge?  Won’t people under us suffer?

The truth is, we probably fear losing our own sense of identity and worth more than we fear for the people under us.  But God is looking for people who find their identity in Him, not in a ministry.

Do you trust God enough to let someone else lead “your” ministry?


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