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EverydayDevotions.com is just that:  devotions that are updated/emailed to you everyday. We try to keep them short (3 minutes or so to read) and to bring out little known or amusing aspects of each chapter. No doubt everyday isn’t a homerun, but we hope the sirloin outweighs the gristle.

We use the McCheyne Bible reading plan, which is 4 chapters a day.  We’ll only go through a chapter a day for the list, but we pick from those 4.  You can see what’s a head by following the McCheyne link.  In general we go through a whole book, but we change that outline according to a strict schedule of approximately whenever we feel like.


EverydayDevotions.com is a provided to any and all free of charge.  There are no subscription fees, and no ads.  We want this to be a blessing to you.  (but if ye are so inclined, see below).


We are some of the most imminentest Biblical scholars in the world.  Who are you to say otherwise?

Actually, we have been workers and missionaries with the Assembly of God denomination for most of our lives, and have just returned from 2 years overseas in Armenia.   Rather than go into the whole bio here, if you’re interested in who we are and where we’ve been, send an email to info@EverydayDevotions.com and we’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.


We hope that daily emails and posts will keep us and you focused on the Word of God.  We hope to be entertaining, but yet be encouraging and challenging as well.  We believe that daily time in Bible study is the best way to keep your walk with Christ living and vibrant, and we hope to help as much as we can.


There are two ways you can help.  One, tell your friends, acquaintances , neighbors, enemies and strangers about the site.  Forward your favorite daily email to everyone in your address book.  Put EverydayDevotions.com as your facebook/twitter status for a couple hours.   Help us reach as many as we can.   (but don’t just subscribe them without their knowledge.  That’s spamming.  The Lord saith that is a naughty.)

Two, like any ministry, we need financial support.  We ask that if these devotions are a blessing to you,  that you’d consider helping us financially as well.  The generally accepted amounts are as follows:

$5  a month – I read them sporadically.  Sometimes they aren’t too offensive
$10 a month – I read everyday.  My faith is often encouraged.
$15 a month – I set my rooster early just to read.
$25 a month – I want to support this ministry.
$50 a month – I use these to plan my weekly sermons.
$100 a month – My life is an empty wasteland without these daily reminders.
$200 a month – I have a money tree in my backyard.
$500 a month – I’m trying to buy influence on the site. It’s working.
$1000 a month – I’m trying to buy love.  It’s working.
$10,000 a month – I want the authors to supply me with bodily organs should I require. It’s working.

We send out one email a month regarding financial support. Thanks to you all for whatever support you can give so this ministry can continue.

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